What Our Clients Are Saying

Suzan did an amazing job helping me get my first floor ready for a wedding shower. She helped me de-clutter my kitchen & sort through my many "piles"... It was a pleasure working with Suzan and I would highly recommend her if you need help getting organized.



Cindy C - Fairfax, VA

Suzan was a great help! She was thorough and really listened to my needs for the space. My room feels brand new and a place I'd like to spend time in. The most exciting part is that she gave me tips and motivation to continue to other parts of the house!

Suzanne E - Springfield, VA

Teshara J - Woodbridge, VA

Owner, Farasue's Garden

...as my company is growing, I keep running into problems keeping track of inventory, moving things from one work space to another to get projects completed, and frustration of not knowing how to get my office in order! And then I found Suzan. She is punctual, professional, and knows how to turn chaos into order. During our consultation, I thought I would scare her away! But she listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations with her assessment. She helped me to organize my inventory, create defined work spaces, and now, my office is in order


...I can move forward and feel empowered to continue the systems that Suzan helped me to put in place. Now I don't have to work hard, I can work smart.

I just want to thank you so very much for taking me where I didn't know I could go! Your persistence and cooperative way made what seemed overwhelming & nearly impossible not only possible but enjoyable. Thank you for putting up with me as I worked through change -- never easy! Can't wait until we can do it again....

Darlene B - Springfield, VA

I have definitely referred you to my friends, I think  you are great... Thanks again for all your help, it brought down my anxiety about the house.  I told my friends that you helped me see that my house is not too small, it just needs to be looked at in another way and I love my townhouse even more now.



Neda D - Herndon, VA

It was great to have Suzan come and assess my closets and help me get them updated in order to get the house ready for the market. Her knowledge of organizational containers and what would please someone who's looking to buy a house was very helpful.​

Anita D - Burke VA